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We ran into a few issues while testing the program for a new use recently. MM is used by the local CERTs and we have been looking to adapt it for our Volunteers and Donations management to use in a Volunteer Reception Center setting. We've discovered the following:

When sorting by the different certifications on the Team page within a mission, one of the sort-by functions does not work. Instead of sorting by what is selected, it seems to revert back to the rank option and sorts only by the rank. All of the other sort-by functions work fine, just this one seems to have an issue.

Is there a way to have multiple Member Certification Levels the drop-down selected? If a volunteer has multiple skills that we would like to select within a specific subject area, For example, if a volunteer speaks multiple languages, is there a way to have the drop-down select both languages that can be seen when sorting by languages? Alternatively, maybe we could move the different certification levels to the checkboxes, and then we would just need a way to organize them, such as having a label "languages" and then the set of language check boxes below that heading, and so on with all other types of skills that we are trying to sort for.

When assigning available personnel to teams, we had a couple issues with members not being able to drag and drop the volunteers. I'm not sure if it was an issue with login permissions, but there is no specific setting for allowing accounts to access team assignments and all members had the same permissions assigned. It may also have been an issue with multiple people being on the page at a time. Some people could move volunteers around to different teams, but others could not.

If there is any way to take a look at this, please let me know. Feel free to email me and check out the board that we've configured.

Thank you!

Thank you for alerting us to the issues you're having.

Regarding the sorting of different certifications on the Team page, we have tested and are not finding the same problem. Mission Manager is very customizable and we wonder if one of your sort-by fields has a special character or some other attribute that is not allowing it to sort, which might have it revert back to a different option. It would be best to handle that individually so we will reach out to you via email.

The dropdown choices on the Member Certification Levels are only single choice by the nature of the dropdown. It seems you do have a good workaround. We suggest using Member Certification Levels with the identifier of "Other Languages". The choices would only be Yes and No. Make sure to check Sort By. Then using Member Certification Checks, you could identify the individual languages, making sure to check the Show Only Filter. Then on the Teams page you could sort by Other Languages using the Show Only Fields to identify a particular language or languages.

Once a member has Mission permission, they are able to move members onto teams. If several members were logged in with the same member ID, that could have been an issue. Also using a tablet you would need to use a mouse. Other than that it should have worked. We can discuss when we reach out by email.

Thanks again for the feedback.


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